Our House Experienced a Flood Damaged Our House. We Spoke to a Restoration Company

I never expected it would occur, but it happened to my family last fall. The entire family went to our weekly night of family activities. This was a weekly tradition but it never ended quite like it did. Once family commitments were over we went back home. There had been a huge flood. Luckily, the flood was contained before it could spread throughout the entire house; We were very fortunate. However, my wife felt stupid. It was her that'd left the sink running.

The damage was largely relegated to the kitchen but still some of our stuff was damaged. I tried to find a service to fix everything. Luckily, I stumbled upon one renovation service that could get the job done briskly, cheaply, and competently. And the company I hired wonderfully fulfilled all of those requirements. Considering this, it's still a great idea to turn everything off before leaving your home. Water Clean Up Wellesley MA