Whatever Your Vehicle Needs We Can Fix Them

We expect performance on our vehicles every day of our lives. Experiencing the world around us, for work and school, is only possible with our vehicles. It's no-doubt stressful when your vehicle breaks down. Your automobile will go anywhere with thorough car services from Christian Brothers. Though we provide a vast range of services to keep your automobile riding smoothly, we won't ever execute or charge you for any services without your discretion. That's the Christian Brothers guarantee.

We offer these services and more at Christian Brothers:

  • Transmission Services
  • Check Engine Light Repair
  • Batteries
  • Exhaust System
  • A/C Repair
  • Alignment
  • Courtesy Inspections

You will be welcome if you take your automobile to Christian Brothers. We want to make you be welcome and at home, not like you are in a sales pitch. We can give a free courtesy lift in our shuttle to work, home, or school so your automobile repairs do not modify your schedule. The car repair service from Christian Brothers is unparalleled.

Christian Brothers Will Check Out Your Brakes

We inspect your brake pads and rotors as part of our Courtesy Inspection. The damage caused by bad brake pads can be significant for your automobile. At Christian Brothers, we take it upon ourselves to tell you if you are in need of new brake parts.

Discover Issues Before They Hurt Because of Our Courtesy Inspections

You get a complimentary Courtesy Inspection when you take your automobile to Christian Brothers. Our professionals will always make sure toget your discretion before doing repairs on your automobile at Christian Brothers. To make sure your automobile lasts for years more, you should trust your neighborhood Christian Brothers.

Flushing Your Transmission Fluid Saves Your Ride

Every week at Christian Brothers we witness busted transmissions. A complete transmission flush should occur on a set schedule. We will perform a full transmission flush so your automobile stays performing.

tune up Sun Lakes AZ is never better than with us. Christian Brothers has the correct cost for the services you require. Now is time to fix your automobile.