Keep Your Accreditations Updated

Our team of healthcare and emergency medical providers got together with one common objective. That objective was building a medical certification experience that benefited patients and providers.

Our team saw a gap growing between emerging medical science and providers' ability to up with new methods, vital information and practices that included everything.

As our team realized traditional certification courses could not keep pace with the exponential growth of medical knowledge, the increasing demands on providers' time, and industry job growth. Medical providers were in need of a better, more efficient way to stay current on advancing medical practices.

By combining emerging technologies with the latest medical information, we started providing accredited online certifications and renewals.

Now, our certification institute is a major player in online medical certifications. We've helped so many providers across the country improve patients' outcomes while certifying on their own schedule.

Every credential we provide online has a specific further-learning goal, so you get the knowledge you need. We also have the materials you need to help you with your renewal or certification programs.

Our emergency certification programs and continuing education training are built to provide healthcare experts like you with the knowledge you need. The simple, online program lets you earn your certification in as little as a few hours, or you can take breaks when necessary.

Getting the proper certifications is a requirement for your profession, so we make it easy and convenient. Start your programs right away. When you complete your certification and renewals with us, we take note of what you've accomplished and send you a notification when it's time to renew.

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